International Year of Planet Earth

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Earth sciences for society

The International Year of Planet Earth aims to capture people’s imagination with the exciting knowledge we possess about our planet, and to see that knowledge used to make the Earth a safer, healthier and wealthier place for our children and grandchildren International Year of Planet Earth 2007-2009

What is the International Year
of Planet Earth?

The International Year of Planet Earth aims to ensure greater and more effective use by society of the knowledge accumulated by the world’s 400,000 Earth scientists. The Year’s ultimate goal of helping to build safer, healthier and wealthier societies around the globe is expressed in the Year’s subtitle ‘Earth science for Society’.
The International Year runs from January 2007 to December 2009, the central year of the triennium (2008) having been proclaimed by the UN General Assembly as the UN Year. The UN sees the Year as a contribution to their sustainable development targets as it promotes wise (sustainable) use of Earth materials and encourages better planning and management to reduce risks for the world’s inhabitants.

About this logo: In 2002 the German Ministry of Education and Research in 2002 instigated the very successful Jahr der Geowissenschaften. The logo used in the national event forms the basis of the International Year logo, by kind permission of the German Ministry. This consists of an inner circle (red) representing the solid Earth, then the biosphere in green and the hydrosphere in dark blue, above which is the pale blue atmosphere, all constituents of the Earth System.

Who is behind the International Year?

The International Year of Planet Earth is a joint initiative by UNESCO and the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS). Eleven Founding Partners, 25 Associate Partners and a growing number of International Partner organisations (23 by December 2008) from all continents and representing all major geoscientific communities in the world, have embarked on this initiative. The Year also enjoys the full political support of 192 UN countries. By the end of 2008, National Committees have been established in 76 countries and regions in the world.

How does it work?

The main activities of the International Year of Planet Earth operate within its Science and Outreach programmes. Funding for projects in both programmes is sought from industry, Foundations and governments worldwide. Both programmes essentially operate in a response, or ‘bottomup’ mode.

The Science Programme consists of 10 broad, societally relevant and multidisciplinary themes: health, climate, groundwater, ocean, soils, deep Earth, megacities, hazards, resources, and life. Brochures on each of these themes are available in hard copy, and can be downloaded from the Year’s website. Scientists from all countries of the world are invited to submit Expressions of Interest (EoIs) dedicated to specific questions within each theme.

IYPE National Committees

International Year of Planet Earth – Final Report (pdf)

The International Year of Planet Earth is partly supported by voluntary donations from companies, organisations, and governments. However, we believe it is vital that individual citizens should feel that their personal contribution can make a real difference to the well-being of our planet.
For that reason we are opening up our donations programme to personal gifts and bequests. Every little helps - please help us continue our work in Earth science research and outreach by making a donation today.
Thank you!

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Please read the second edition of the PlanetEarth book!

IYPE Legacy (pdf)

Status Report (pdf)
20 June 2009

Frequently Asked Questions
(pdf) – 23 January 2009

Flyer Planet Earth (pdf)

PowerPoint presentation, March 2009 (49 MB)

Expressions of Interest
If you are interested in proposing either a research or outreach project under the International year of Planet Earth, please download the Expression of Interest form and save to your computer. Please fill it in and then return by email to the address provided. We will then contact you at the proper time, when we are ready to consider fully worked-up bids for funding.
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Important notice
Notice is hereby given that no further Expressions of Interest in the International Year’s Science Programme will be accepted after the last day of January 2008. Authors of the best proposals in each of the science themes will be contacted by way of the secretariat in due course following the Global Launch Event of the International Year of Planet Earth at UNESCO in Paris on 12th and 13th February 2008.

Eduardo de Mulder, Executive Director IYPE Secretariat
4 January 2008
UN Resolution
adopted by the General Assembly