1.    Published book: Groundwater of Karavnake cross-border region – Hidden treasure
2. Published Landslide Susceptibility Map of Slovenia 1 : 250.000
3. Half hour special TV edition of National Research Agency of Slovenia on satellite TV
4. Sponsoring & active participation at IAPSS conference: International Conference IAPSS Going Green ‘Confronting Energy and Climate Change Policies’, 26th-30th May 2008
5. 2.5 Hour radio editions on Climate Change & Pollution broadcasted by the Radio Student (an alternative radio station)
6. Patronship of the exhibition: Fossil Legacy of the Forest at Natural Science Museum of Slovenia
7. Permanent exhibition in town of Litija: Pebbles of river Sava – a tail caught in the riverbed
8. Presentation of IYPE and geological themes, relevant to Slovenian society in the Slovenian publication of the UNESCO Courier (Summer 2008)
9. ViaGeoAlpina initiative of six Alpine countries – an upgrade of the existing ViaAlpina trail

Planned activities for second half of 2008:

10. Primary and secondary school competition on IYPE (pictures, essays)
11. Publish Hydrogeological Map of Slovenia 1 : 250.000
12. Publish Geological Map of Slovenia 1 : 250.000
13. Opening of the Water Teaching Trail at Park Škocjanske jame, Slovenija

Contact person
Marko Komac


Fosilna Dediščina Gozda (pdf)

Sava – pripoved, ujeta v rečno strugo (pdf)