Puerto Rico

Dear participants of the Conference ‘Planet Earth and Society: Earth Sciences and Human Activity’

In my capacity as Executive Director of the International year of Planet Earth I have great pleasure in welcoming you all in this Conference, highlighting the International Year of Planet Earth which is proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations for 2008.

Around the world thousands of scientific and outreach activities are taking place through the currently 74 National Committees for IYPE. We firmly believe that this massive and worldwide wave of attention for the Earth sciences will contribute to establish a new generation of Earth scientists. They are greatly needed to address the current concerns about the state of the environment and ecology of the Planet. But they are also very much needed to find more and new resources and to extract these in a sustainable way to sustain our economy and the households of the 9 billion mostly urban people that will populate our Planet by the mid of the century.

I sincerely hope that this week’s events will lead to the creation of a National Committee for IYPE in Puerto Rico and that you will all join in the Greatest GeoShow on Earth!

Eduardo F.J. de Mulder

Press release (pdf)