In Poland, the Committee Planet Earth has been established for the triennium 2007 - 2009 by the Polish Academy of Sciences. Its role is to implement goals of the International Year of Planet Earth by promoting research and outreach.

The Committee Planet Earth has produced the Polish version of the IYPE’s logo, published flyers, posters, calendars and created a website www.planetaziemia.pan.pl which is steadily expanding and will be maintained permanently after 2009 to provide authorized explanations and comments on current Earth-triggered hazardous events in the country and worldwide, and to ensure information about significant recent results of scientific programs led by different Polish and international organizations.

An official IYPE launch in Poland took place on 11 April 2008 in Warsaw. The Committee Planet Earth prepared a roving outdoor exhibition entitled ‘The Past and the Future – 10 questions about Earth’. The exhibition was open to public by the Museum of Earth, Polish Academy of Sciences, first in Warsaw and now keeps seeing other Poland’s major cities. Special educational broadcasts, films and occasional scientific shows (science festivals) started already in January 2008 and are being scheduled till 2010.

Contact persons
Andrzej Zelazniewicz


Activity Report 2007 (pdf)

Flyer (pdf)

IYPE logo - Poland (eps, CYMK)

IYPE logo - Poland (jpg, RGB)