Dr. Moutaz Al-Dabbas, of the IYPE National Committee for Iraq, wrote as follows on 20 March 2007:

Despite experiencing problems of which unreliable internet connections are a few among many, I am happy to report that a number of meetings and other activities were completed by the IYPE National Committee for Iraq, which is also acting temporarily as the Iraqi Geological Society.  Activities have included a workshop in January, which took place in the Ministry of the Environment, together with other Iraqi Ministries. Other planned meetings include a workshop on 22 March as a celebration of the International Day of Water, and a conference on Marshlands (Wetlands) to be held in the Basra Governorate in southern Iraq  at the beginning of April - a meeting to which  experts from all over Iraq will be invited.  Also planned is another workshop on 15 April in celebration of the Iraqi Day of the Environment. We have managed to secure some modest financial support from the Arab Science & Technology Foundation (ASTF) in Shariga, United Arab Emirates, for geological and environmental research projects dealing with surface and ground water quality, and for combating desertification in Iraq.  In addition, we have set up a project to study the regional environmental and biological impact of dust storms, for which we shall appeal here for help in obtaining essential supporting items such as Landsat or NOAA images and regional scale information for the whole Middle East and North Africa, as well as any historical records.

[This national launch of IYPE, made under difficult circumstances by our fellow scientists in Iraq, is both remarkable and inspiring.  It is to be hoped that the International Year, through its sponsors and members working in much more favourable conditions, will find ways of contributing to the modest requirements requested.  – Editor]

21 March 2007

Indoor celebration
indoor celebration (thursday 24 April, 2008) for Year of Planet Earth with some related lectures on different aspects – Environment such as the Resturation of the Arab Marshes Southern Iraq (with RAMSAR) and The Effect of Climate Changes on the Intesity of the Duststorms on Iraq and the whole Middle East Region. This celebration was held in the Ministry of Environment Theater and the representative of the Minister of Environment who is the Vice Minister Open the celebration and many Vice Ministers, D.G. with several deligates from all the Iraqi Ministries and Universities were there. At the end of the celebration, some presents were distributed for some scientists and some young students whom gave some activities in the celebration and at last the vice minister invited all for a lunch.

Contact person
Moutaz Al-Dabbas