Estonian NC for IYPE reports

The first year of the triennium was for the Estonian NC a year of continuing improvements of our organisation and in the same time active work in outreach sector in particular.

Most importantly we succeeded to reach consensus about the Memorandum of Understanding both with our Patron The Estonian Academy of Sciences and IYPE Corporation, and we also will widen our committee with representatives of two ministries (education & science and environment), and perhaps an industrial enterprise. At least we have got preliminary consents.

A couple of examples of actual actions organized by our working groups in 2007:

In September was held in Tallinn 15th Meeting of the Association of European Geological Societies under a general heading "Georesources and public policy: research, management, environment". The IYPE logo was used to attract wider interest, organized several TV, radio and press informations.
Having in mind very wide scientific and public interest to the topic the Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences published preliminary materials and will publish a special issue about the MAEGS 15 results. Main organizers of the event were Estonian Geological Society and Institute of Geology, Tallinn University of Technology.
Our working group in the field of education has been most activ under Dr Ivar Puura (Tartu University). He as the vice president of the Society of Estonian Naturalist's receieved a special grant from a governmental agency (Center of Environmental Investments) for educational activities.
Their activities were rather variable: meetings, seminars, programmes, publications etc.
Est NC prepared a detailed plan of activities for 2008 and we wish to start the year, perhaps in February, with a series of events on the same one day in several places over the whole Estonia.
Wish to attract in such way more attention in the public and decision makers. I am glad to mention that one minister visited our institute this year and the second made a good opening speech at the MAEGS. We plan to accept the 2008 plan in November.

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