Composition of China National Committee for IYPE

Mr. Xushaoshi, Minister of Land and Resources

Vice Chairman
Mr. Zhang Xinsheng, Vice Minister of Education, Chairman of China National Commission for UNESCO
Mr. Li Yuan, Vice Minister of Land and Resources

Members from government organizations and research institutions
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Finance
General Administration of Environment Protection
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chinese Academy of Engineering
State Bureau of Seismology
National Natural Science Foundation
State Oceanic Administration
State Bureau of Mapping and Surveying
Chinese Geological Survey

Members from non government organization
Chinese Association of Science and Technology

Geological Society of China

China Mining Association

Members from media
China Central TV Station (CCTV)
Guangming Daily
Science and Technology Daily
China Land and Resources News

Members from industry
China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)
China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC)
China Ocean Oil Corporation (CNOOC)
China Minmetals Corporation (MINMETALS)

Contact person
Li Zhijian